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Born 1976 in London

Painter, Parent and CTO.



Anthropology and Philosphy BA 2:1

Computer Science MSC Merit


I am a self taught artist based in London. I have always loved sketching, drawing, painting. After the birth of my two children I decided to pursue art alongside my career and parenting.


I started drawing people on the tube 9 years ago. I found this process very rewarding and it still forms a core part of my practice. 5 years ago I started painting portraits and landscapes. I paint en plien air with either oils or acrylics. I then return to the studio where I work up my pieces into larger more structured interpretations. More recently I’ve been exploring figurative sculpture. 


Over the last decade Artistic expression has become an essential component of my life. I have often found the connections made through this exploration fulfilling and inspirational.

I strive to simplify my subject, to capture the essential components to describe form and emotion.


I admire many contemporary painters in the UK, Spain and the US. 

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